The UbiLife was started from a small laboratory of Ajou University, Republic of Korea in 2012, it was opened by Dr. Teemu H. Laine. Since 2012, we accepted students who came from several countries, and they graduated. Furthermore, Dr. Teemu invited talented professors into UbiLife as an advisors.

In 2017, Dr. Teemu moved his professorship from Ajou University to Luleå University of Technology. Since that time, The UbiLife could be evolve to be international researching group.

The Ubilife’s goal is foster research on ubiquitous technologies and services in the fields of education and wellbeing. Current research and development activities in Ubilife focus on games for education and exercise. Games are used as a medium because they have been shown to possess great potential for boosting intrinsic motivation in players. Furthermore, ubiquitous technologies (mobile devices, wireless networks, sensors, etc) have an essential role in enabling truly context-sensitive content and activities. This results in immersive experiences where the virtual game world connects to the physical world surrounding the user.

Currently, The UbiLife invites talented students as a Ph.D studentship in Luleå University of Technology. If you have a passion mind for becoming a researcher. Please contact to Dr. Teemu H. Laine (Ref. www.ubilife.net).

– Jungryul Seo